CAM & Cancer education

The CAMEO program developed and tested a CAM and Cancer: Laying the Foundations for Patients to Make Informed Choices workshop for patients. That workshop has been translated into the 9 modules, below. In parallel with the patient program, CAMEO developed and tested an educational program for health care providers (HCPs) consisting of 3 modules.

While the modules in both programs can be done in any order of interest, the concepts are cumulative and we recommend reviewing the earlier modules before exploring the later ones. 

NOTE: Once you launch a course module, you may need to click on an arrow or a faint-outlined white square in the main window to activate the first page. Using the “Click to Start” green button will enter you into the course.

ALSO: The speed at which the courses load and start will vary depending on your computer and the web browser you are using. Chrome and Firefox seem the quickest; some of our tests have taken up to minute for the longer courses to load and start.


This information is not intended to be a basis for clinical recommendations or an endorsement of any CAM therapy.
Any changes in your health management plan should be discussed with your health care provider.