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CAM and Cancer in Canada Booklet

This brief booklet version of many of the topics covered in our CAM & Cancer Patient Education program, it is a handy reference guide to:

  • CAM use and cancer
  • Types of CAM
  • Making a CAM decision, including finding information and evaluating evidence
  • Working with CAM practitioners
  • Monitoring your CAM use

While much of the information is universal, the booklet was developed for Canadians, and makes reference to some specific resource documents. Currently they include documents for each Canadian province and territory, listing local CAM practitioner organizations, and local CAM-information resources within the provincial cancer care system. Others will be developed. If you would like to collaborate with CAMEO to produce other location-specific or population-specific documents, please contact the CAMEO program.

 CAM and Cancer in Canada Booklet
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CAM Use Diary

Whenever you choose to use a CAM therapy, it’s important to:

  • Clearly mark down your goals for each CAM you choose to use
  • Identify any side effects to watch for, and
  • Evaluate how well the treatment is working for you

The CAM Use Diary simplifies your work by guiding you to gather all the critical information and place it in an easy-to-use template for your on-going check-ins. The information can also be useful when discussing your CAM with your various health care providers.

There are three documents here:


This information is not intended to be a basis for clinical recommendations or an endorsement of these CAM therapies. 
Any changes in your health management plan should be discussed with your health care provider.